CCCLC Classes

Teeny & Tiny Tots

The Teeny Tots (6 weeks to 12 months) and Tiny Tots (1 year olds) programs are designed specific to the needs of your child and create an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally fostering.

The teachers engage in warm, friendly conversations with the children while encouraging them to experience new things. Our classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials and equipment that support developmentally-appropriate experiences.

The daily schedule is structured to include a morning and afternoon snack, lunch, and indoor / outdoor play.

Toddler Tech

Toddler Tech is a fun, engaging classroom for children who are 2 years old by September 1st. The class provides students with a daily schedule including periods of free play, snack time, and circle time, and features songs, poems, story reading, and review of a daily calendar and weather observations. All students participate in these activities, designed to develop pre-reading skills, awareness of environment, and social interaction.

Students also participate in a daily activity, such as coloring, painting, or craft-making. Every day includes an indoor or outdoor recess, lunch, and nap time.

In both structured and non-structured learning, children will practice colors, counting, shapes, responsibility, and getting along with others. A daily activity paper is sent home to provide parents with information on their child's activities and progress for the day.


The Preschool class is an exciting program for children who are 3 years old by September 1. Our teachers utilize monthly themes with activities that create a fun environment where children can stretch their imagination, explore new environments, and develop their self-confidence, while learning to respect each other.

Circle time includes pledges to the Bible, Christian Flag, and American Flag, as well as numerous educational songs. A daily schedule is structured to include a snack and indoor / outdoor play. Activity sheets are sent home to keep parents aware of their child's activities.

Note: All students need to be bathroom trained to enter the Preschool program.


The Pre-K program is a motivating and enjoyable program for children who are 4 years old by September 1. Each week, the class focuses on a theme, letter, number, shape, and color. We work on recognizing numbers 1-20, counting to 100, uppercase and lowercase letters, and basic phonic skills. We sing songs, play games, practice writing, and read books that focus on our weekly theme. Art and small / large motor activities are a fun part of the day. The class also has a Bible story each week, and look for God in all other daily activities. Monthly calendars are posted and sent home to keep parents aware of upcoming lessons and special activities.

Social skills are another important part of Pre-K days. Children learn to respect friends, share, and show kindness to everyone, and are encouraged by be a "good citizen" by helping and encouraging others. We strive to become more independent and responsible while preparing for Kindergarten. Indoor and outdoor activities are provided for children to have opportunities to work and play individually and in groups.