Financial Aid

EITC Scholarship Information

Our EITC Scholarship Fund was established to assist qualifying families who have sacrificed to make Christian education a priority in their family. The fund is financed through contributions from generous donors through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program. The EITC Scholarship is applicable only to tuition costs and is not extended to other charges such as registration fees.

Columbia County Christian School utilizes an independent service called FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Based on the information submitted in the FACTS application, FACTS provides the school with an independent, confidential assessment of a family's eligibility for the EITC Scholarship.

To apply for the EITC Scholarship, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Complete the confidential FACTS Tuition Assistance Application online through your FACTS account.
  2. Send in any supporting documentation requested by FACTS by the date requested. No tuition assistance can be awarded without these documents.
  3. You will be notified of EITC Scholarship Awards. Please note that completion of the online application does not guarantee a tuition assistance award.

What are the EITC Scholarship eligibility requirements for participating families?
For designated EITC scholarships, awarded by schools that have received designated tax credit contributions from local businesses, participating families are required to meet the school's established income guidelines, which does not exceed $75,000 plus $15,000 per dependent child, as established by EITC law. (Example: For a family with one child, the maximum income allowed to participate in the program would be $90,000. For a family with two children, $105,000.)

If you need additional information or have questions about our EITC Scholarship Fund, please contact Bob Gennaria, Business Manager, at 570-784-2977.

Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Pastoral Discount
In an effort to enhance the valued partnership with our Bible-believing churches, CCCS offers full-time Pastors the opportunity to receive a 50% tuition assistance discount off their family's full tuition.

Employee Discount
Full-time CCCS employees can receive a 100% tuition assistance discount. Part-time CCCS employees can receive a 50% tuition assistance discount for the first child, and a 25% discount for other children.