Giving Information

Columbia County Christian School is moving forward in faith with great excitement for the work God will do through the creation of a new multipurpose facility. It is only through generosity, prayer, and sacrificial commitment that we will be able to meet our goal. No one person can do the job alone. Every gift, no matter the size, will play a vital part in improving the educational opportunities for our students and school community.

Selecting the best gift plan depends on your personal financial situation and goals. As you make your decision regarding your pledge, please remember that your pledge payments are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. As you personally gauge the level of support that you will provide to our campaign, remember to think outside the box! There are countless ways to creatively partner with us.

Participating in athletics at CCCS was vital to my growth academically, emotionally, and spiritually. It taught me the importance of hard work, perseverance, discipline, and how to deal with adversity. The athletic program made me a better person while also providing some of my best high school memories.
— David Hutchison, Class of 2017

Creative Ways to Give

Gift of Cash
Creative ways to give cash may include a portion of annual tax refunds, bonuses, or credit card cash back. Other sources may be a portion of dividends or interest earned, or savings gained from items purchased on sale. Creative ideas are limited only by one's imagination!

Selling Unused Items
Other assets which may provide funds to give are as accessible as a trip to the basement, attic, or garage. We all have stuff packed away and forgotten in these locations. What might you find that could be sold for this important cause? Cale of items like unused jewelry, sporting goods, recreational vehicles, antiques, coin collections, artwork, or tools can greatly assist in strengthening our students' futures.

Gift of Assets
Using assets to fund a pledge often allows a person to make a more substantial gift without depleting cash savings. Assets may be liquidated first, with proceeds used to meet a campaign commitment. Some assets, such as stocks or property, may be directly transferred resulting in a potential tax savings to the donor.

Company Matching Gift
Some companies will match employees' charitable contributions. Check with your employer to take advantage of this donation option. Own or run a business? Commit to match a certain amount during our 2-year campaign.

Specific Sacrifice or Lifestyle Adjustment
Is there an item or activity you frequently splurge on that you would be willing to sacrifice for the sake of this campaign? Giving based on a lifestyle adjustment doesn't increase your budget or deplete cash savings. Everyone can give up something if they are willing!

For example, if a person purchases a coffee and donut at $5 per day, he or she may choose to sacrifice that purchase and instead set aside the daily $5 for the campaign. That doesn't sound like a big sacrifice, but it adds up: $5 per day = $35 per week = $1,820 per year. Making this small sacrifice results in a $3,640 pledge over the 2-year campaign!

What adjustments could you make to support our campaign and impact the lives of CCCS students?

  • Eat out one less time per week

  • Forgo the monthly manicure and opt to do-it-yourself

  • Cut landline phone or cable TV

  • Vacation closer to home and donate amount saved on airfare

  • One less round of golf or trip to the movies

  • Wash your own car

  • Start clipping coupons and donate the money you save

Budgeting Your Gift

The following information is provided to help you prayerfully consider your gift to our 2-year campaign. Please note: we encourage all donors to consider a 10% initial payment to begin your commitment.


Recognition & Naming Opportunities

A donor recognition wall in the new facility will recognize gifts to the campaign above $1,000. There will be appropriately named categories for gifts from:


CCCS also has opportunities to create lasting tributes to family and friends. Remember someone important in your life through the following naming opportunities:


Questions? Contact the school office for more information on the ways you can give to this campaign.